Intern Gateway is committed to the success of it's intership programs and provides students with valuable resources to make their placement lucrative


The experienced team at Intern Gateway work with students and host organisations to implement successful work placements.
Intern Gateway works with students who are interested in furthering their career. We take the time to connect with our interns prior to placement, understanding their specific needs and aspirations in order to deliver solutions that develop academic and professional abilities through work placements.

Our internships are specialised and specifically tailored to develop professional networks and resumes whilst assessing skills and competency levels. At Intern Gateway we pride ourselves in taking the time to discuss with students their expectations and review the types of duties that will be expected of them during their internship, as well as offering valuable interview training and support.

Upon a student placement being offered and accepted students are provided with access to Intern Gateway resources that record performance and competencies achieved during the placement. Students are also empowered to track their progress throughout the internship via Intern Gateway resources.

Intern Gateway believe that success is paramount and centres on outcomes and opportunities being efficacious for all parties involved.


To be eligible for the Internship Training Program, students must have:
IELTS 6.0 overall or equivalent results that we will assess on a case by case basis
Current, valid visa for Australia
Graduate qualifications
Availability for a minimum of 3 days a week

How to apply

Students must provide Intern Gateway with the following information to commence the internship application and review process.
Current resume detailing educational qualifications, any work history / experience (paid or unpaid) as well as a involvement in any extra curricular activities
Covering letter accompanying your resume outlining your placement goals and objectives
Applications can be sent via email to or delivered via personal appointment by contacting our office on +61 3 9854 8311 and arranging to meet with one of our consultants.


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