Graduate Recruitment


Graduate Gateway provides job readiness services to the best and brightest graduates seeking employment in the fields of Finance, Accounting, Information Technology, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Hospitality etc. Many of these students have completed professional work placements and are now seeking full time employment as recent Graduates.

Our Employer partners can subscribe to our Graduate recruitment service. This gives the Employer partner access to the Graduate database and the ability to employ as many graduates as they wish over the subscription period

Benefits to Hosts

• Access to a huge pool of graduates
• All Graduates are screened and rated across Communication, previous work experience, ability and software proficiency.
• All students on Graduate Gateway have been given access to job readiness training and interview approaches ensuring that you are only seeing students for interview who are professional and prepared, ensuring that valuable time is not wasted.
• Simply put in your request and receive a curated list of graduates suiting your pre-requisites to interview for your role

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