About Us

Intern Gateway provides local and international students with the opportunity to achieve their career goals through tailored internship programs. Students achieve their career goals and get results by gaining industry placements that allow them to transform their academic knowledge into functional and tangible outcomes. Intern Gateway work with local and international students, we have an extensive network available to facilitate a broad range of Internship placements.


Our Philosophy

Employ-ability and learning outcomes are paramount, and measured by Host feedback. Intern Gateway are focused on providing internship placements that centre on positive outcomes and opportunities for all parties involved including students, Host companies and University partners. We believe that when students are engaged in achieving the best outcomes from our professional internship placements they have a strong desire to succeed and this translates into rewarding results. To this end Intern Gateway facilitate and nurture results from beginning to end, using our strong mentor system and coaching tools.

Why choose us?

Intern Gateway specialize in placing local and international students into professional work placements. Through our extensive network of host organisations we offer a broad range of internships that assist our students to achieve their career goals and get results; allowing them to transform academic knowledge into functional and tangible outcomes.