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allows host organisations to assess potential employees

Intern Gateway bestowed with the team of hardworking and dedicated professionals who are also proven as an enlightening mentor. As the saying goes, a mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself. Right start from your first step into the Intern Gateway until the last day and beyond, our professional com mentors will guide you through each stage of an internship.

Students are offered with the best counseling by the best counselors. Whether you want are searching for a place to start your internship or you are looking for a field where you can explore your expertise, Intern Gateway guides you in every situation. We have a huge experience as an internship provider. From local to international, we have our esteemed contacts with numerous organizations and institutes, which helps us to obtain the right and absolute information about the insights. All the insights will helps us to counsel our present and prospective students with a true and trustworthy information.

We have craved a secured online reporting system, which helps us to maintain the transparency. The process of online reporting also saves time for both the parties and it facilitates each one of them to watch the report according to their wish and comfort.

We work on the ideology of providing our students with the best internship environment along with the real-time experience. The internship we offered are not theoretical but we also believe in providing the best real-world experience to our students. This real-world experience will enrich you to tackle the situation if ever faced during your real working environment post your internship. Our students and faculties both are exciting to experience the real world internship process.

Intern Gateway believes in overall development of a student. From your admission till your placement we keep a bird’s eye view to all our students. The students are offered with the best coaching to prepare them for the interview so that students would not get haphazard during the time of real interview.Our interview process is strict and according to the norms of companies in the across the world.During the interview coaching, we will try to fill you with each tic and tacs related to the interview.From sample questions to group discussions we won’t leave any stone unturned for our students.

You just call and we will ready for you any time 365x24x7 as per your requirement. Our excellent support team will try to solve each query. Intern Gateway follows customer-centric methodology where we will deploy our best experts for your solutions. All you need to do is make us a call on our given phone number, or you can connect with us through our give electronic mail id. We are more than happy to help you out in every situation.

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We take pride in our famous teaching traditions & achievements.

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