Host FAQs

We try to be realistic at all times, and understand that most questions are left unanswered due to several reasons. If you are one of the many potential clients and host companies that seek answers to multiple questions, please feel free to skim through the Host FAQs posted in what follows;

What are the Requirements for becoming a Host Company?

By becoming a host company, you become a member of the Intern Gateway family. However, there is a concise criterion that must be met in order to actually join the Intern Gateway host company family. To begin with, your company must create an intern position that provides a direct opportunity for him to be a part of the work-related aspects and learning activities. You will also be liable for providing appropriate supervision to the student interns. We will assist you fully in creating a training agreement, which details all the specified requirements to become a host company at Intern Gateway.

What is the Skill Level of these Students?

Intern Gateway provides internship opportunities to student graduates of Australia and internationally recognized universities who demonstrate the willingness to apply for enrollment. Our students have a higher level of skills compared with students that do not associate themselves with any internship assistance companies. Our unique training and development programs help in covering any potential gaps.

What can an Intern Do?

An intern has only as much liberty while working with a host company. It is completely upon the host company’s discretion to determine the extent to which the intern will be engaged. However, Intern Gateway encourages the involvement of student interns in the various business and technical processes, official meetings and projects in order to develop a mutually beneficial and lasting relationship with them.

What is the Maximum Number of Interns that can be Hosted?

Intern Gateway is constantly making an effort to increase the number of internship and placement opportunities. However, we do not have a cap on the maximum number of interns. It is completely up to the host company to decide the number of interns it can host.