Internships And Industry Placements

At Intern Gateway, you receive a completely immersive and engaging experience at your future workplace. Our unique internships and targeted industry placements are commonly recognized as the complete learning experience where students understand the true meaning of hands-on practice. The internships and industry positions consider our students as their team members, and provide them with every opportunity to apply theory to practice. Intern Gateway has established itself as a trusted business partner for both, businesses and the academia. Our expansive and diverse network of over 4000 industry partners ensures that our students receive every opportunity to integrate growth-oriented learning.

University Benefits

Being a part of Intern Gateway makes you eligible for a wide array of benefits, including;

  • Optimum and unique industry placements that suit your respective needs.
  • Readily accessible and scalable internship resources.
  • Exclusive access to our diverse network of over 4000 employers.
  • Nationally acclaimed training programs that align with Fair Work Australia

Domestic Internships

Intern Gateway offers you exclusive access to its network of 4000 companies on a domestic level. Our partner network extends to both, domestic and international higher education programs and partners that can be modified as per the partner’s requirements. Clients that receive domestic internships with overseas partners, the internship packages include valuable perks, including complete visa assistance, accommodation, specialized diversity training, planned and educative excursions, networking events and business visits.

Overseas Internships

In addition to domestic internships with local and foreign partners, Intern Gateway can also offer you the opportunity to secure overseas internships in some of the most desired countries and cities, including the likes of China, Thailand and Indonesia among others. To discover and capitalize over the opportunity of your life, partner with Intern Gateway by contacting us through the quick inquiry form.