Intern Gateway’s internship programs benefit graduates by providing industry placements that allow them to transform their academic knowledge into practical, job-ready skills.
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“Intern Gateway helped me secure an internship in an Accounting firm, following my graduation the internship transformed into employment within the same firm”


Intern Gateway partners with organisations ranging from small to medium businesses to large, multi-national companies in Australia and abroad.

Our Internships

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Class Schedule

We keep our students informed with all the class schedule in advance so that they can manage their time accordingly in an effective manner.

Summer Program

Our summer programs are loved and praised by all from last several years. It will help you to stay updated with all latest news.


A stock-pile of books is ready to welcome you with all open hearts. Our enriched library is here to develop the love for reading.

Athletic Programs

Our athletic program is all here to boost you with all information associated with the athletic programs to help you become an athlete.

Registration Information

Our present and prospective students are facilitated with all necessary information related to registration process to make it hassle-free.


Our major highlights always make you informed with recent updates happened in the eco-system of Intern Gateway. FAQ information.

Graduate Recruitment


Graduate Gateway provides job readiness services to the best and brightest graduates seeking employment in the fields of Finance, Accounting, Information Technology, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Hospitality etc. Many of these students have completed professional work placements and are now seeking full time employment as recent Graduates.

Our Employer partners can subscribe to our Graduate recruitment service. This gives the Employer partner access to the Graduate database and the ability to employ as many graduates as they wish over the subscription period

Benefits to Hosts

  • Access to a huge pool of graduates
  • All Graduates are screened and rated across Communication, previous work experience, ability and software proficiency.
  • All students on Graduate Gateway have been given access to job readiness training and interview approaches ensuring that you are only seeing students for interview who are professional and prepared, ensuring that valuable time is not wasted.
  • Simply put in your request and receive a curated list of graduates suiting your pre-requisites to interview for your role

Accelerate Your Career

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We carefully screen and coach students throughout the process, not only helping you secure your internship but getting you prepared for future job interviews

The fast moving pace of todays workplaces coupled with shorter tenures has seen an increasing demand by employers for graduates with workplace-ready skills. Companies are looking for employees possessing job skills such as communication, teamwork and problem-solving. They want employees that are eager to learn and ready to step straight in to their new role. They recognise they can play a vital role in developing the workforce of the future by being a part of the education experience. In partnership with IG and its University partners, employers can have a real impact on graduate employability and work-place readiness. Intern Gateway provides local and international students with the opportunity to achieve their career goals through tailored internship programs.

The professional services from Intern Gateway empowers students to achieve their career goals and get results! By joining the Intern Gateway program you will gain practical industry placements that allow you to transform your academic knowledge into functional and tangible outcomes.