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An Intern Gateway internship provides students with valuable industry and work experience coupled with networking opportunities. Our comprehensive partner selection process ensures that our students receive quality industry experience and rewarding work opportunities within their chosen profession. At Intern Gateway we place students within some of Australia’s leading employers and organisations, we are also able to source international placements.

Internships can be a valuable employment channel, allowing students to kick start their career goals. The placements also help to improve the quality of graduates to learn important job-ready skills, making them more attractive to potential employers. These skills include time management, communication, teamwork and problem-solving.

Intern Gateway’s internships are unpaid, temporary workplace learning roles that provide true work experiences within a specific industry. With a focus on learning, Intern Gateway’s students gain an authentic work placement allowing them to increase their knowledge in their chosen field and develop a valuable understanding of the Australian workplace.

Our internships are for an 8-12 week placement with an Australian host company. Your host placement will take into account your area of study, career goals, prior experience, location and training needs to ensure you get the best possible match with superior outcomes.

Mentored by an Intern Gateway consultant you will have support during the internship and evaluation process. An internship is continuously assessed against the internship training agreement that is between the host and the intern.


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