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Intern Gateway considers employability as the first step towards national and global economic development. Achieving a sustainable economy is a dream far from being a reality unless all internship placement and hosting candidates take ownership of their actions. At Intern Gateway, we encourage small-to-large-scale organizations to host internship and placement programs, while raising awareness about the underlying benefits. We operate on a mission of empowering the student youth of Australia with the necessary artillery to survive and sustain stiff competition that lies ahead.

If you intend to host an internship program at your company, going through the below-listed reasons will surely encourage you to finalize this decision;

  • All the student graduates receive rigorous training and skills development prior to being engaged with a company in order to ensure compliance with the Fair Work Act.
  • Intern Gateway is a recognized brand in the industry, and has the honor of successfully placing over 18000 students across domestic and international companies in Australia and overseas.
  • Our diverse and highly talented team of specialists develops internship and placement programs that prove to be the right fit for you.
  • Intern Gateway provides you round-the-year access to talented and productive interns that are ready to be placed after every two weeks. This implies that your company will not have to waste valuable business hours hunting for the right fit.
  • We value the goals and aspirations of our student interns, and take every measure to gain thorough understanding of their beliefs and perceptions. This helps us in matching their candidature with the most viable placement opportunities.
  • Our current network of host companies has formed a strong bond with us. Feel free to view the success stories and recognition posted on our website wall by our trusted hosts.