Why Host an Intern?

At Intern Gateway, you receive a completely immersive and engaging experience at your future workplace. Our unique internships and targeted industry placements are commonly recognized as the complete learning experience where students understand the true meaning of hands-on practice. The internships and industry positions consider our students as their team members, and provide them with every opportunity to apply theory to practice. Intern Gateway has established itself as a trusted business partner for both, businesses and the academia. Our expansive and diverse network of over 4000 industry partners ensures that our students receive every opportunity to integrate growth-oriented learning.

We realize that most student graduates fail to actualize their career-specific dreams due to a complete or partial lack of employability skills and workplace experience. This is why we host dynamic internship programs that help candidates fill in this gap, while also learning significant workplace skills at the end of the day. We encourage our network of over 4000 employers to host internship programs because of multiple advantages, including;

  • The opportunity to work in a mutually-beneficial environment.
  • The capability to associate themselves with the latest and biggest talent pool that possesses the most updated set of knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for progress.
  • The opportunity to enhance and acknowledge their Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • The ability to make the most out of the interns, while also rewarding the interns with experience certificates that later serve as their entry ticket into the jobs market.
  • The opportunity to introduce fresh talent into their existing human resources and encourage them to perform at their optimum levels.

Our network of distinct host companies share a common – positive – experience working with Intern Gateway. 96% host companies rated their experience with Intern Gateway as outstanding, while 88% rated Intern Gateway’s services as Very Good. For other credentials and additional information, contact us by filling a short query form available on the Contact Us page.